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1. "An" is used when the word begins with a vowel sound

1.1. exampol

1.1.1. When the word begins with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u), then you should use ‘an’, it sounds better and it sounds more appropriate when you say it

1.2. However, with this rule there is an exception. If you are using a word with a ‘h’ mute, like ‘honorable’ or ‘honest’ then you have to use ‘an’. Therefore, it would be "an honorable man" and "an honest mistake."

2. A: It is used in front of words that begin with consonant:

2.1. examplo

2.1.1. A car. Un automóvil. A table. Una mesa.

2.2. A and AN are used to designate people and objects

2.2.1. An umbrella. Un paraguas. A book. Un libro. A woman. Una mujer