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WORK by Mind Map: WORK

1. Labour

1.1. Gives order to the society

2. Some people are mainly work before anything

3. Centrality

3.1. The main topic of life and should be treated by the psychology in that way

4. Society

4.1. Our work define us

4.2. Work provide social relationships and roles

4.2.1. Importance inside the family

4.3. It influence our personality and the way how we act

5. Security

5.1. Economic way

6. History & Culture

6.1. Age of ice

6.1.1. As a surviving tool

6.2. Roman-Greek times

6.2.1. As a punishment

6.3. Medieval times

6.3.1. Only an affair of church

6.4. Martin Luter King

6.4.1. Any kind of work is accepted ny GOD

6.5. 18th Century

6.5.1. Work define the value of people

6.6. Nowadays

6.6.1. Work is a right

7. References

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8. Unemployment

8.1. High rate of suicide

8.2. Depression

8.3. Emotional troubles

9. Organizations

9.1. Coordinates the work and make the employees feel valuable

10. Function

10.1. Group the society, the organizations and individuals

11. Behavioural Science

11.1. Selective workers for the productivity

11.2. The worker feelings matters

11.3. "Tifanny touch"

11.3.1. Small voluntary things developed by the worker .

12. Kinds

12.1. Homeworkers

12.2. Foundations

12.3. Profit and non-profit

12.4. Voluntarism

13. Organizational weather

13.1. feautures of the relationship inside the organization, company-workers and workers-workers (Caraveo, 2004).

13.1.1. Measuring it and develop a good organizational weatgers, impacts positively the worker behaviour (Soberanes, 2009).