Healthcare Information Technologies

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Healthcare Information Technologies by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Technologies

1. Practice ManagementSoftware

1.1. Organizes Appointments

1.2. Verifies Insurance

1.3. Manages Patient Demographics

1.4. Primarily Clerical/Administrative

2. Electronic Health Records

2.1. Documentation/Storage of patient medical information

2.2. Facilitates sharing of patient data between medical professionals

2.3. Alerts when patients due for exams or screenings

2.4. Maintains comprehensive medical history on patients - improves care

3. Patient Portal

3.1. Patient Access to Own Health Data

3.2. Schedule appointments via portal

3.3. Consult with physicians

3.4. Request medication refills

3.5. View medical bills/make payments

4. Scheduling Software

4.1. Enables patients to schedule via portal

4.1.1. Connects with Patient Portal

4.2. Practitioners can schedule other staff

4.3. Exam rooms/operating rooms assigned

4.4. Assignment of special equipment for appointments

5. Medical Billing Software

5.1. Handles entire billing workflow

5.2. Verifies Insurance/ Insurance Claims

5.3. Processes Payments

5.4. Automatically scans/removes errors due to HIPAA etc.

5.4.1. Facilitates faster reimbursement

6. E-prescribing Software

6.1. Connects with pharmacies to send scripts electronically

6.1.1. Faster/more efficient

6.1.2. Allows tracking/monitoring of controlled substance prescriptions

6.1.3. Reduces prescription errors/lost hard scripts

7. Remote Patient Monitoring

7.1. Sensors automatically send data to physicians about patient health

7.2. Used to predict/prevent major health issues

7.3. Used in chronic care/post-discharge/senior care

8. Master Patient Index

8.1. Connects patient records with multiple databases

8.2. Indexes all patient records for faster access

8.3. Reduces manual duplication of records