Healthcare Information Technology

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Healthcare Information Technology by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Technology

1. Wearable Medical Devices

1.1. Fitness Trackers

1.2. Cardiac Monitors

1.3. Vital sign monitoring

2. Electronic Medical Record

2.1. Available to all health providers within the organization, i.e., surgeon, anesthesia,

2.2. Compiles complete patient history

2.3. Instant access unlike paper charts

3. Telehealth/Telemedicine

3.1. Real time consults

3.2. Patients in rural hospitals can be evaluated via electronic means by a specialist that may not be available in their area

3.3. Decreased wait time

4. Patient Portal

4.1. Patient access to own chart

4.2. Quick access to lab/xray results

4.3. Can obtain print verify results or immunizations