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Engaging pupils by Mind Map: Engaging pupils
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Engaging pupils

Lesson Planning

Website - Learning Score:

21st Century Delivery

Teaching and Learning with mobile media: Video - RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms:


Long Term Planning

Snow Days

Christmas Lessons

Creating Powerpoint Activity Files

EYFS Ideas

Fantastic Fours

2Publish Projects


ICT Learning Journeys


Lesson planning for engagement

Ebooks / pdfs

Suggested lesson structure

Encouraging Girls

Word Clouds


digital humour


Kitten vs iPad:


Human Brain only stops when we sit exams:

Blooms Taxonomy

Website - Android Apps: Website - Blooms digital taxonomy: Image - Google tools to support blooms: E-book - Blooms digital taxonomy: Best resources for helping teachers use Bloom's Taxonomy in the Classroom:

Lesson resources

TES, Thoughts and crosses

Creating presentations



Website - Teachers' Gateway to Special Education: Website - Differentiation instruction: Article - TES - 23 ways to get you up to speed with SEN:


E-Book - why a SMART Board?: - SMART Board revolution Ning:


Website - SMART: IWB resources for primary schools: App - Notebook Express: Software - PowerPoint twitter tools: Website - 3D virtual world for the IWB: Website - Find and share SMART Board resources: Website - SMART Board templates: Website - Technology integration SMART Board resources: Website - KS1/2 IWB resources: Website - My SMART spaces: Website - SMART Board Lounge: Website - SMART Board resources: Website - teachers love smartboards: Website - SMARTBoard Christmas Holiday Resources: App - Dabbleboad:


Website - inserting sound into Notebook:

Countdown Timers

App - Supertimer:


SMART Notebook, Videos, Using Layers, Notebook, 11

Create Learning resources

Personalising lessons

Google Docs

Website - Personalising writing lessons:

Pupils share success criteria

Class Blogs

Website - Creating class blogs: Mindmap - ways to improve children's use of a school blog: Video - The Bolton Bloggers: Website - example EYFS blog:

de Bono Hats

Wikipedia - Six thinking hats:


Video - Gamifying Education: Article - Gameplay Learning:

For boys

TED Video - Ali Carr-Chellman: Gaming to re-engage boys in learning:


gamification links

Problem Solving

Article Einstein's secret to amazing problem solving:



Using Inquiry research projects to teach the right skills for a new age:

Learning Styles

Article - Why is the research on learning styles still being dismissed by some learning leaders and practictioners?

Learning objectives / intentions


Lesson Guidance Slides

Digital Leaders


Bowling Park Primary



@ianaddison, Digital Leaders Blog

@chrismayoh, Pupils as teachers: Digital leaders staff meeting

Thinking skills


Best Practice



Tales of mere existence

Lesson ideas

@kierandonaghy, Procrastination and happiness



Dare to Differentiate


50 tricks


Hamlet and the Power of Belief to shape reality

Motivating the unmotivated

Mental Health

Instant Feedback / Polls

Answer Garden

Mobile Learning


Jisc Mobile Learning Toolkit