Germany Near Shore Offices

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Germany Near Shore Offices by Mind Map: Germany Near Shore Offices

1. Investment vs Revenues against time line of 3 years

1.1. Costs

1.1.1. Salary

1.1.2. Office Rentals

1.1.3. Insurance costs?

1.1.4. Additional Costs for Office facilities

1.1.5. AUG - we need 5M Euros Insurance

1.1.6. Travel Costs for engineers in Germany

1.1.7. Local Registration Costs

1.1.8. Misc (electricity, taxes etc).... 100 Eur per

2. Challenges

2.1. Attrition on-site

3. Background

3.1. Expand Business in Europe Region

3.2. Europe Operational Office will give flexibility of doing business in Europe making Accord GmBH a serious contender to competition

4. Unknowns

4.1. Cost

4.1.1. Rental

4.1.2. Salary

4.2. Location?

4.3. AUG mode or work permit mode

4.4. Can engineers get work permit without the PO

4.5. Can near shore office engineers work back and forth in AUG and Work package mode?

4.6. Is AUG salary higher than the work permit?

4.7. If engineer is idle what should be his salary?

5. Milestones against timescales

5.1. Apply for AUG licenses

5.1.1. In process

5.2. Identify Skillsets

5.3. Identify 6 Engineers

5.3.1. 6 Engineers (German Trained Engineers) Uberlingen Techno Manager FRankfurt Techno Manager

5.4. Process Work Permits

5.5. Lease Office Space in Germany

5.5.1. Get the Quotes for both Uberlingen & Frankfurt

5.6. Sign Contract with First One (AUG route)

5.7. Inaugurate Offices (Ribbon Cutting)

5.8. Basic German Training

6. Accord GmbH Staus and AUG status