The Spear and Jug 1 Sam 26:1-25

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The Spear and Jug 1 Sam 26:1-25 by Mind Map: The Spear and Jug 1 Sam 26:1-25

1. Ziphites Tattle on David agiain

1.1. 1 Samuel 26:1 (NLT) 1 Now some men from Ziph came to Saul at Gibeah to tell him, “David is hiding on the hill of Hakilah, which overlooks Jeshimon.”

1.1.1. They have done it before

1.1.2. 1 Samuel 23:19 (NLT) 19 But now the men of Ziph went to Saul in Gibeah and betrayed David to him. “We know where David is hiding,” they said. “He is in the strongholds of Horesh on the hill of Hakilah, which is in the southern part of Jeshimon.

1.2. David outnumbered

1.2.1. 5 to 1

1.2.2. Sends spies

2. Sleeping commanders and slumbering Warriors

2.1. 1 Samuel 26:5 (NLT) 5 David slipped over to Saul’s camp one night to look around. Saul and Abner son of Ner, the commander of his army, were sleeping inside a ring formed by the slumbering warriors.

2.2. David & Abishai sneak

2.3. Abishai asks to kill Saul

2.4. David takes spear and jug

2.4.1. Spear shows royal status 1 Samuel 22:6 (NLT) 6 The news of his arrival in Judah soon reached Saul. At the time, the king was sitting beneath the tamarisk tree on the hill at Gibeah, holding his spear and surrounded by his officers.

2.4.2. David "I could take your kingdom any time I wanted."

3. The Deep Sleep

3.1. 1 Samuel 26:12 (NLT) 12 So David took the spear and jug of water that were near Saul’s head. Then he and Abishai got away without anyone seeing them or even waking up, because the LORD had put Saul’s men into a deep sleep.

3.2. תַּרְדֵּמָה

3.2.1. Str 8639

3.2.2. a supernaturally induced state of very heavy sleep

3.2.3. Other places word is used Genesis 2:21 (NLT) 21 So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep. While the man slept, the LORD God took out one of the man’s ribs and closed up the opening. Genesis 15:12 (NLT) 12 As the sun was going down, Abram fell into a deep sleep, and a terrifying darkness came down over him. Job 4:13 (NLT) 13 It came to me in a disturbing vision at night, when people are in a deep sleep.

3.3. David and Abishai are not good sneakers

3.4. God supernaturally takes care of David

3.4.1. Not first time

3.4.2. Naioth 1 Samuel 19:23–24 (NLT) 23 But on the way to Naioth in Ramah the Spirit of God came even upon Saul, and he, too, began to prophesy all the way to Naioth! 24 He tore off his clothes and lay naked on the ground all day and all night, prophesying in the presence of Samuel. The people who were watching exclaimed, “What? Is even Saul a prophet?”

4. David Can't see God's hand

4.1. Only the author and reader know God put them to sleep

4.2. David is growing

4.2.1. Not tempted to kill Saul

4.2.2. Saw what happened to Nabal 1 Samuel 25:37 (NLT) 37 In the morning when Nabal was sober, his wife told him what had happened. As a result he had a stroke, and he lay paralyzed on his bed like a stone.

4.2.3. Learning he does not need to do God's job

4.2.4. David is convinced of God's guidance, even if he can't see it.

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