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Pair Programming Illuminated - Book Notes by Mind Map: Pair Programming Illuminated - Book Notes
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Pair Programming Illuminated - Book Notes



Why Pair?


7 Myths of Pair Programming

It will double the workload with two doing the work one can do

I'll never get to work alone. I Couldn't stand that!

It will work well only with the right partner

Pair programming is good for training. But, once you know what you're doing, it is a waste of time

I'll never get credit for doing anything. I'll have to share all the recognition with my partner

the navigator finds only syntax mistakes. Compilers can do that better than humans can.

Only time I ever get any real work done is when I'm alone.

7 Synergistic Behaviours of Pair Programming

Pair Pressure

Pair Negotiation

Pair Courage

Pair Reviews

Pair Debugging

Pair Learning

Pair Trust

Overcoming Management Resistance

"I have to pay two programmers to do the job 1 could do

What's In It For Me Goals

Gaining Support & Acceptance from Peers

Cites Introducing Patterns into Organizations (2002)

Transitioning to Pair Programming by Choice

Adopted more when developers

manager introduction

Advice for Programmers

Problem, Problems



The Ever-Popular Expert


Noise and Facility Considerations





Skill Imbalances

Simply Not for All

Workplace Layout

Basic Needs

Suggested Workplace Enhancements

Interpair Communications

Development Environment

Pair Rotation: Communication, Knowledge Management, and Training

Pair Rotation


Other Issues to Consider

Performance Appraisals

Team Size

Quality Assurance

Functional and System Testing

Tips and Tricks

Give the driver a few nanoseconds to find and correct his or her own mistakes

If your partner is getting bored pass them the keyboard

If your partner is getting tired or frustrated, grab the keyboard

Come to an understanding on how pairing will work with a new pair

Handling Conflict

Use a coding standard

Use test driven development

Practice active listening

Talk a lot

If your partner is not listening at all, get up and walk away

Just ask!

Take enough showers, eat lots of breath mints

Pair Programming Partner Picking Principles

Partner Dynamics

Nonissue Dynamicis

Real Problems

Moving Ahead and Going Beyond


Multidisciplinary Pairs

Projection Screen

Distributed Pair Programming

Seven Habits of Effective Pair Programmers

Take Breaks

Practice Humility

Be Confident / Be Receptive



Be a Team Player

Hone the Balance between Compromise and Standing Firm