What is MindMappers?

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What is MindMappers? by Mind Map: What is MindMappers?

1. Mindmappers is a place to explore, discuss and share mind maps!

2. Get exploring!

2.1. On MindMapper you'll find mind maps on a huge variety of subjects

2.2. You'll be amazed at the quality and usefulness of information shared

2.3. You'll also get some great ideas on how you can use mind maps in your life

3. Join the discussions!

3.1. Discuss mind maps and suggest improvements

3.2. Connect with other people that have similar interests

3.3. Get feedback and improve your own mind maps

4. Start sharing!

4.1. Share your favorite mind maps with friends

4.1.1. Facebook

4.1.2. Twitter

4.1.3. LinkedIn

4.2. Embed any mind map on your own website

4.3. Upload and share your own mind maps

4.3.1. MindMeister http://bit.ly/xo7Euh

4.3.2. FreeMind™ .mm, version 0.8 and above http://bit.ly/RJQN

4.3.3. Mindjet MindManager™ .mmap, version 6 and above http://bit.ly/13huTC

5. Why mind maps?

5.1. Mind maps are a great way to learn and communicate visually

5.2. The beauty of mind maps is in their flexibility to organize all different types of ideas and information

5.3. Mind maps can help you structure what you know and share your expertise

5.4. Mind maps aren't static like a blog post or video, they can keep on getting better

5.5. And people who learn how to use mind maps effectively often get more productive

6. What does it cost?

6.1. Absolutely nothing!

6.2. Exploring, discussing and sharing mind maps is free

6.3. To create your own mind maps try one of these

6.3.1. MindMeister (recommended) http://bit.ly/xo7Euh

6.3.2. FreeMind™ http://bit.ly/RJQN

6.3.3. Mindjet MindManager™ http://bit.ly/13huTC