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Titanic by Mind Map: Titanic

1. Rose

1.1. inside: Rose is rich and she is on 1st class. She is 17 years old. Rose is engaged with Cal, but she doesn't like him. After Jack save her, begining Rose to like Jack more and more.

1.2. outside: Rose has long red hair and blue/green eyes. She has a long beautiful dress. Rose has a beautiful diamond necklace named The heart of the ocean, she get from Cal.

2. Jack

2.1. inside: Jack is poor. He is 20 years old. He like to drawing peopole. Jack fall in love with Rose, but Rose is engaded with Cal.

2.2. outside: Jack is a handsome young man. Jack has a shirt and pants with suspenders. Jack has brown hair and blue eyes.

3. 1st class. Rose and her family was on 1st class. 1st class be them who ist rich. 1st class has a big room with gold on the wall the eat in, when they eat they are music

4. 2st class. Is for them there have money, they are not rich. They have there own room with a bunk bed

5. 3st class. Jack was on 3st class.