Career Employability Skills for an Technical Engineer

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Career Employability Skills for an Technical Engineer by Mind Map: Career Employability Skills for an Technical Engineer

1. If you are enterprised you will be able to use you imagination to create new technology that helps people in a certain way

1.1. This means is that when you create something new you must be creative or innovative with the creation.

2. Skills: Being able to design and create new types of technolgy

2.1. This means you are good at your job when it comes down to engineering which is the main focus of technical engineering.

3. By using mathematics you will be able to calculate the amount of energy the technology will need in order to work

3.1. If you use mathematics well you will be able to make predictions on how a plan might turn out and the percentage chance of it happening.

4. If you have a group project for building new tech you will need to use teamwork

4.1. When you are doing a group project you will need to be able to communicate with other co-workers so you can get the job done.

5. Dependable: You will be able to be trusted by other workers when they need you.

5.1. Being dependable also makes you more reliable which helps other people.

6. Being on time means to be punctual on your job and shows that you want to keep your job.

6.1. This shows that your qualities show that you like everything on time and you like having the right materials for the moment.

7. Dishwashing

7.1. Employability skills

7.1.1. Qualities Employability Skills: High school diploma, minimal job experience, the ability to follow food safety regulations and the ability to stand and walk for 8 hour shifts Qualities: Strong communication and problem solving skills, exceptional time management skills

7.2. Qualities: Strong communication skills ability to stand for 8-hour shifts and lift at least 20 pounds and willingness to comply to all food safety procedures.

8. Walmart cashier

8.1. Emplolability skills

8.1.1. Qualities Employability Skills: Knowledge of cashiers and scanners, Proficient in sales, and knowledge of store locations and merchandise Qualities: Remedial tasks, intensive computer training based program, and interpersonal skills dealing with a mass number of everyday customers

9. Teacher

9.1. Employability Skills

9.1.1. Qualities Employability Skills: Expert communication skills, superior listening skills, friendliness and approachability, and deep knowledge and passion on the subject you teach Qualities: The ability to build caring relationships with students, excellent preparation skills and organization skills, strong work ethic, and community-building skills

9.2. y

10. Babysitting

10.1. Qualities

10.1.1. Employability Skills Qualities: Playful, active, responsible, and experienced Employability Skills: Flexible, trustworthy, sensitive, and able to teach