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elvis by Mind Map: elvis

1. film

1.1. genres

1.1.1. love

1.1.2. action

1.1.3. westen

1.1.4. comedy

1.1.5. drama

1.1.6. crime

1.1.7. musical

1.2. people who worked with elvis

1.2.1. Joan Blackman

1.2.2. john archer

1.2.3. Mary Tyler Moore

1.2.4. barbara McNair

1.2.5. barbara eden

1.2.6. steve forrest

1.2.7. carolyn jones

1.2.8. walter matthau

1.2.9. ann-Margret

1.2.10. Cesare Danova

1.3. songs

1.3.1. cant help falling in love

1.3.2. jailhouse rock

1.3.3. clean up your own backyard

1.3.4. baby i dont care

1.3.5. let yourself go

1.3.6. all i need was he rain

1.3.7. you dont know me

1.3.8. mean woman blues

1.3.9. charro

1.3.10. follow that dream

1.3.11. king of the whole wide world

1.3.12. viva las vegas

1.3.13. hard headed woman

1.3.14. king creole

1.4. movies

1.4.1. love me tender

1.4.2. loving you

1.4.3. jailhouse rock

1.4.4. king creole

1.4.5. GI blues

1.4.6. flaming star

1.4.7. wild in the country

1.4.8. blue hawaii

1.4.9. follow that dream

1.4.10. kid galahad

1.4.11. girls! girls! girls!

1.4.12. viva las vegas

2. fashion

2.1. flashy

2.1.1. but not too flashy

2.2. didnt like wearing jenes

2.3. key looks

2.3.1. workwear chic (king creole) chambray shirt white T-shirt flat-fronted wide-legged mrousers moleskin

2.3.2. rebelious tailoring black trousers loafers white shirt contrasting tailored jacket

2.3.3. mid-century ease straight leg trousers open neck polo shit bomber jacket white sneakers

2.3.4. 1950s high waisted trousers penny loafers cuban collared shirts

2.3.5. Jailhouse rock penny loaders raw denim jeans striped polo shirt workmans demin jacket

2.3.6. 1970s bedazzled jumpsuits

3. music

3.1. genres

3.1.1. rock and roll burning love devil in disguise all shook up stuck on you good luck charm

3.1.2. rockability dont be cruel jailhouse rock blue suede shoes little less conversation his latest flame

3.1.3. pop music suspicious minds its now or never return to sender little sister viva las vegas

3.1.4. country music in the ghetto

3.1.5. gospel music bridge over troubled water

3.1.6. jazz fever my way

3.1.7. blues Heartbrake hotel hound dog

4. early childhood

4.1. His identical twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley, was delivered stillborn 35 minutes before him.

4.2. Presleys were a religious family and attended an Assembly of God Church regularly. He found his first musical inspiration here.

4.3. On his twelfth birthday, he was gifted his first guitar. He received basic lessons of guitar from his uncles and the new pastor at the family's church..

5. life style

5.1. married in 1967

5.2. had a kid in 1968

5.3. devorced in 1973

5.4. died in 1977

6. insporation

6.1. Ted Daffan

6.2. Ernest Tubb

6.3. Jake Hess

7. career

7.1. Elvis Presley’s first demo record was cut at Sun Studio. On July 5, 1954, DJ Philips recorded Presley singing Arthur Crudup’s ‘That’s all right’. Three days later, the song was played on air and it became a huge hit. The same song was his first single.

7.2. 1956, Elvis received his first gold record for "Heartbreak Hotel," which had sold one million copies.

7.3. It is estimated that Elvis had sold more than one billion records globally. His most memorable hits include ‘Jailhouse Rock’, ‘Hound Dog’, ‘Blue Christmas’, ‘My Baby Left Me’.