Controversial Topic

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Controversial Topic by Mind Map: Controversial Topic

1. Does America have the right to utilize English as the main language for writing, reading, and speaking when English is not even established as an official language in America.

1.1. America does not have the right to make English an official language for writing, reading, and speaking.

2. Argument One

2.1. There are so many benefits of being multilingual. Being multilingual changes your brain structure, and this can support you in multiple ways. It improves your memory, helps you process information better, and helps with multitasking skills. Making English an official language of the United States would just abandon the factual concept of multilingual.

2.1.1. Education in the United States will increase due to Americans being bilingual and abandoning multilingual. The United States has the second-largest higher education system and it is the top destination for globally mobile students.

3. Argument Two

3.1. English should not be the main language of America because picking one official language ignores the historical and current linguistic diversity of the United States. And historically, language legislation at a national level has not gone well for other countries.

3.1.1. Making English an official language of America will abandon the concept of diversity. The United States is the top destination for globally mobile students and the majority of immigrants immigrate due to how diverse America is. With that said the United States population will increase.

4. Argument Three

4.1. English was not the first language spoken in America.

4.1.1. The Native Americans are the indigenous people. Indigenous people are people who are the first people to live inland. And they lived in the United States long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Europeans. Therefore, it’ll be disrespectful to make English an official language because Native Americans didn’t speak English.