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Unit 2 by Mind Map: Unit  2

1. superlatives form

1.1. short adjectives

1.1.1. use (THE+adjetive+-EST) whats the best team for soccer?

1.2. long adjetives

1.2.1. use(THE MOST+adjective) I'm the most baseball player

1.3. irregular adjetives

1.3.1. change the irregular superlative good > the best bad> the worst

1.4. superlative adjetives

1.4.1. use THE MOST+ noun which stadium has the most seats

2. questions with "how"

2.1. you just have to use the how + the adjective and finish the question with a place or thing?

2.1.1. use for question (How+adjetive...?) how long is your pool? how long is Mexico city?