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Malia Mann by Mind Map: Malia Mann

1. Physical Wellness

1.1. Physical wellness is something I am always working on, it’s not something that comes easy rather it is a skill I am trying to master, and have a feeling I never will. Physical wellness is different for every person and depending on what they want to achieve is how it fits into their life. For myself I love Crossfit, I use to eat, breath and sleep thinking about Crossfit. A lot of things in my life have changed since then and I don’t have the time I use to have to work at it. I still love going and especially love to compete, but a recent back injury has made me lighten my training. When it comes down to nutrition this is an area that needs vast improvements, I eat like crap and I admit it. I live alone so I don’t cook; to me it’s a waste of my time. So unfortunately a lot of my meals are processed or toast. I am currently trying to work on this by taking sometime on Sundays to prepare a few meals for the week. My career path has always been in the field of justice it has been a rocky path but I am getting there. I don’t agree with or partake in any illegal substances, for the plain and simple fact is they are disgusting and mess with your body. I do not like the feeling of not being in control so I would never put myself in that situation. Physcial wellness is always something that can be improved upon and everyday of my life I will work on this to become a better justice professional down the road.

2. Occupational Wellness

2.1. Occupational wellness to me is waking up in the morning and not dreading going to work. Unfortunately for a lot of people this was the case, as it was with me for the longest time. I now have a job I love; it is not my career aspiration but for the time being it suits me just great. I can’t wait to follow my calling and get into the field of policing or corrections. I love being a role model and helping others. Since work is such a huge part of our daily lives it is very important to find something that you enjoy doing. If you don’t have occupational wellness it will be very hard to achieve every other type of wellness.

3. Spiritual Wellness

3.1. Spiritual wellness, I believe I have very strong morals and ethics and I am not afraid to share them with anyone. I believe I was put on this earth to help others, and to protect society. I strongly believe in everything happens for a reason, and that’s how I became the person I am today. I am very secure in who I am as a person, and don’t take to heart what someone might have to say about me.

4. Social Wellness

4.1. I think I have an excellent social wellness, I couldn’t ask for a better family, group of friends and co-workers. I also love giving back to my community and enjoy coaching the Special Olympics Regina fitness club. I have met so many amazing people through this program and couldn’t ask for better athletes. It’s a great way to extend my social circle, while networking to meet new people who are also interested in doing their part to help out.

5. Environmental Wellness

5.1. I can honestly say I don’t go out of my way to protect the environment. With that being said I do recycle and don’t liter but that would be about the extent of it. I make sure that I don’t put myself in situations that have potential to be harmful, but I am not constantly on watch for things in the environment that make affect my health. I generally try and stay away from external factors which are out of my control, rather focus my time on things that are beneficial to my health in nature.

6. Psychological & Emotional Wellness

6.1. Psychologically and emotionally I am in a great place in life right now. I have a great job, I get excellent grades, I have an awesome support system, and I am currently looking to buy my first home. I am not psychologically, emotionally or financially dependent on anyone but myself. Things are great. Now I have not always been in this place. It has only been within the last 8 months that I can say these things and be truly 100% happy. It took me a lot of years to learn that I am my own worst critic and before I can love others I have to love me. I am “doing” me now and loving life. I life each day like it’s my last and hold no grudges. I can wake up in the morning now without hating my life, and when someone asks how I am doing I can answer honestly by saying GREAT!!

7. Intellectual Wellness

7.1. Everyday of my life is a learning experience. I am constantly learning from others, and continuing my education, either by school or by watching and observing. I look at each day as a learning experience and look forward to how it may impact my life. I know not to sweat the small things and find even when I am in the teaching role that I am constantly getting something out of it as well.