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deep culture by Mind Map: deep culture

1. main aims

1.1. to learn our past

1.1.1. main topics art ancient arts each partner can present an ancient art and apply as a workshop agriculture history of what we grow in our area trying to find out how it was raised in the area in ancient times trade handicraft workshop on old and traditional handicrafts reseach on what and to whom we sold language search about words we borrowed and lended history of proverbs, tales, nursery rhymes daily life origin of some rituels origin of festivals origin of days in our language

1.2. to know ourselves better

1.2.1. similarities of mythological characters

1.2.2. national symbols

1.2.3. ancient coins

1.2.4. history of most sold souvenirs

1.2.5. folk dances and meanings

1.2.6. traditional recipes

1.3. professional development for teachers

1.3.1. seminar on 21st cc students needs

1.3.2. workshop on web 2.0 tools

1.3.3. workshop on CLIL

1.3.4. workshop on art therapy

1.3.5. workshop on flipped class

2. tools

2.1. web 2.0

2.2. 3D printer

2.3. Green Screen videos

2.4. excursions

2.5. augmented reality

3. activities

3.1. funny

3.2. collaborative

3.3. working as a team

3.4. communicative

3.5. creative

3.6. investigator