Grosvenor House: Update

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Grosvenor House: Update by Mind Map: Grosvenor House: Update

1. Dormer window and sill replacement

1.1. Guttering to be replaced, routed adjacent to soil pipe

2. Basement

2.1. Alu windows to be fited

2.2. Kitchenette fitting

2.2.1. RH to order from IKEA (design completed)

2.2.2. Power to Grundfos unit: Paul to pull thorugh, fused spur

2.2.3. Power for fridge: Paul to provide fused spur

2.3. WC

2.3.1. Power to saniflo: paul to route under skirting?

2.3.2. WC, sink, trap, tap all purchased

2.4. Skirting / doors / handrail / speaker outlets / bull nose covers / brush plates / cat 6 and power at amp area /

2.5. IT cupboard

2.5.1. Increase depth, 2 x double sockets plus CAT 6 Socket

2.6. Heating cupboard

2.6.1. Mark to scribe in remaining plasterboard to rear of cupboard

2.7. Flooring: Khars

2.7.1. Type to be chosed by RH

2.7.2. Screed cured by W/C 16/09/19

3. Oak building erection

3.1. Items purchased and in garage

3.1.1. Light units LED x 4

3.1.2. Metal clad sockets x 4 and light switch x 1

3.1.3. External IP Socket

3.2. Consumer board and external power and water tap to far rear lawn side of building

3.3. Pier Cap Stone

3.4. Remaining fence panels


4.1. Treehouse

4.2. Chainlink fence to left existing garage

4.3. Block paving adjacent to kitchen patio

4.3.1. Andrea agreed slight radius to match to wall...

4.4. Driveway tarmac

4.4.1. Design needed from Andrea for planters etc

4.4.2. Drop kerb application RH

4.5. Front mullion windows

4.5.1. Narrow alu units on all 3 floor

4.6. Paint and render to rear of property

4.7. Dining room skirting at bi-fold position

5. Dining room

5.1. Existing door blocked in a bookcase created

6. Sitting room

6.1. New double socket to rear of sofa

6.1.1. Power tails already in

7. Moongate / BBQ area

7.1. Ground lights TBC with Andrea

7.2. Pull through power for rear of wall at same time (Paul)

7.3. Power and water to rear of curved seating area

7.4. Circular stone table top to be supplied / fitted

7.4.1. Scott has cost needs to pass to RH AH

7.5. Remaining motor to b grey/blacktype

8. Utility

8.1. Wet plinth heater

8.1.1. Tails in place, heater in garage, Mike to fit in utility

8.2. Worktops sanded back and Osmo Top Oil treated

8.3. AH to seal grout here and in kitchen

9. Remedial

9.1. Cracks to ensuite above dining room

9.2. Cracks and door will no longer close in family bathroom (above kitchen)

9.3. Damage to bi-fold runner

9.3.1. Door bent slightly, will no longer lock without pressure

10. Plumbing/heating

10.1. WC in basement plus sink and tap

10.2. Kitchenette sink and Grundfos

10.3. Rog to block unused vent hole to lantern

11. Kitchen

11.1. Downlights to be linked to single dimmer

11.2. Control switch for lantern window plus conduit for cable

11.3. Extractor fan duct to exit at utility roof

11.4. Underfloor heating thermostat to wall as marked by Paul

12. Next steps

12.1. Modular paving

12.1.1. Non permeable

12.2. Fitting of kitchenette

12.3. Laying of floor in basement

12.3.1. Scott to purchase as per quote