Healthcare Information Technology

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Healthcare Information Technology by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Technology

1. Patient Medical Billing and Coding

1.1. Generating, Processing and Disburement of Bills

2. Electronic Patient Records

2.1. Electorninc Medical Records

2.1.1. Classified Patient Medical Records restricted to the practice

2.1.2. Records used by the particyular medical profession

2.1.3. Used for diagnosis and treatment purposes

2.2. Electronic Health Records

2.2.1. Can be shared with other providers

2.2.2. Records contain patient medical history, diagnosis, treatment history etc.

2.3. Personal Health Records

2.3.1. Contains personal protected information

2.3.2. Contains a portal which can be used by patients to communnicate with providers and access information about their care

3. Scheduling software

3.1. Software allows patients to schedule appointments

4. Communication

4.1. Allows providers to send e-prescriptions to pharmacies

4.2. Allows access to disease registry

4.3. Allows for healthcare information sharing