Design & Pitching

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Design & Pitching by Mind Map: Design & Pitching

1. Security

1.1. It is important to adopt and almost discreet policy rather than one that is visible

2. Creative design really can an event stand make an event stand out from others of a similar kind

3. Factors that influence creativity are based around perception and how individuals respond to problems

4. Key attributes of creativity include

4.1. Intelligence ( influence more than IQ)

4.2. Personality ( natural ability to take risks )

5. Exposure to a socially relaxed environment gives a better chance for coming up with creative thoughts

6. Pitching an idea directly to a client using:

6.1. Pictures

6.2. Words

7. Things that deliver the same message about :

7.1. Food

7.2. Lighting

7.3. Backdrops

7.4. Staging

7.5. Colours

8. Visual Cues

8.1. Referring to the theme or the identifying of the event. Using imagery as one of the examples.

9. Theme

9.1. The unifying concept , perhaps drawn from history or some recognizable aspect of culture

10. Timeline

10.1. Referring to a running order or activities to occur at a certain time , often building up somewhat of a suspense leading to an unveiling at an event