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My friend by Mind Map: My friend

1. Vocabulary

1.1. Pass the pen

1.2. Have a picnic

1.3. On the phone

1.4. Biscuits

2. Pronunciation

2.1. Pronounce correctly the sounds /b/ and /p/ in isolation and in context

2.2. /b/ : voiced

2.3. /p/ : voiceless

3. Grammar

3.1. Use the present continuous to talk about future plans and arrangements

3.2. Can you + verb?

3.3. Would you like to + verb?

3.4. I am + to be + adj

3.5. She/he/they + to be + adj

4. Communication

4.1. Identify and practice the language of polite request

5. Skill

5.1. Reading

5.1.1. Guess the meaning of new words based on clues including pictures and surrounding words.

5.1.2. Read for specific and general information in texts including advertisements and e-mails

5.2. Listening

5.2.1. Listen to get information about friends and thing to do with friends

5.3. Writing

5.3.1. Write an entry for an magazine using notes