Implementing Agency

Implementing agency

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Implementing Agency by Mind Map: Implementing Agency

1. Respect

1.1. Create a safe classroom where students feel comfortable expressing their ideas, make choices and take risks.

2. Projects

2.1. Create authentic learning engagements that connect the students to the world.

2.2. Give specific and positive feedback to enhance their learning engagement

3. Opportunities

3.1. Create opportunities where students can extend their learning and can find authentic learning opportunities, outside of the school topics, about things they are interested in

4. Collaboration

4.1. Having opportunities for the students to collaborate with each other can expand their ideas and engage other students.

5. Choice

5.1. Giving students choice will make them more engaged in their learning.

6. Classroom Routines

6.1. Build classroom routines with the students so that they can take initiative in their learning environment.

6.1.1. Essential Agreements

6.1.2. Class Jobs