H-SS Framework and standards: 11th Grade US History

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H-SS Framework and standards: 11th Grade US History by Mind Map: H-SS Framework and  standards: 11th Grade US History

1. The Nation's Beginnings

1.1. The Constitution

1.1.1. Ideology of new government

1.2. The Civil War

1.2.1. Reconstruction

1.2.2. Amendments

1.2.3. Activity: Connect amendments during reconstruction to Civil Rights Era

2. Industrialization, Urbanization, Immigration and Progressive Reform

2.1. Social Changes related to industrial revolution

2.2. New technology

2.3. Impact of farming

2.4. Impact on farming

2.5. Issues with conditions for immigrants, children, etc. addressed

3. Movements for Equality

3.1. Goals and Strategies of the Civil Rights Movement

3.2. Important court cases

3.3. How were different movements connected?

3.4. Activity: Discuss these questions in groups: Did the Civil Rights Movement Succeed ? How so? In what areas does it have a way to go?

4. The Rise of the US as a world power

4.1. Foreign Policies between 1870's and 1910's

4.2. World War 1

4.3. The 1920's and how they changed America

5. The Great Depression and the New Deal

5.1. Causes of the Depression

5.2. The effects of the Great depression on the US and world

5.3. The New Deal

5.4. Additional programs created

5.5. Activity:Assess whether you believe these programs benefitted the US. Long term. What aspects did leaders anticipate?

6. Cold War

6.1. Why was 1946-1990 known as the Cold War

6.2. Creation of United Nations

6.3. American politics and society

7. Contemporary American Society

7.1. Shifting from the Cold War

7.2. Changing roles of the government

7.3. Globilization

7.4. America's Current Diversity

8. World War II

8.1. Treatment of immigrants and minorities

8.2. How America became involved

8.3. Differences in mobilization and fighting in different locations

8.4. How the war advanced the civil rights movement in US

8.5. Post War America