Create a Market Plan for introducing a new product or brand

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Evaluate by Mind Map: Evaluate

1. Strengths

1.1. B.C. wide service area

1.1.1. Large package and small package delivery

1.1.2. Local messenger service offering a variety of time critical service options

1.2. Experienced, professional staff

1.2.1. Ongoing training, tailored to the individual

1.2.2. Creating oportunities for advancement

1.2.3. The right people for the right job

1.2.4. Recognition programs

1.3. Technology

1.3.1. CXT software puts us on or above par with our competition

1.3.2. Ability to grow with the business

1.4. Customer support services

1.4.1. Online tutorials

1.4.2. Customer account contacts

1.5. Environmental stewardship

1.5.1. Green business practices

1.5.2. Saving costs

1.6. Location, location, location

1.6.1. Sizable warehouse, can grow with us

1.6.2. Centralized within Victoria

2. Opportunities

2.1. Thinking ahead

2.1.1. Expansion into untapped areas in BC

2.1.2. Changing infrustructure and ecomony could be used to our advantage

2.1.3. Creating a 1, 5 and 10 year plan

2.2. Expanding use of online systems

2.2.1. Allow customers to obtain a quote online

2.2.2. Allow changes to orders already placed

2.3. Creative sales

2.3.1. Use of free or low cost advertising

2.3.2. Sponsor local groups and events

2.3.3. Creating 'friendly competition' among staff for sales leads.

2.4. Add-on services

2.4.1. Potential to add value with add-on services, such as package insurance

3. Weaknesses

3.1. Uncompetitive messenger rates

3.2. Driver support/relief

3.2.1. Need a backup plan when hourly drivers are absent

3.2.2. Driver pay issues

3.3. Retention of staff

3.4. Currently, no daytime class 1 driver

3.5. Biggest customers make up most of the distribution work

3.5.1. Loss of one of these account would have a negative impact for drivers

4. Threats

4.1. Strong Competition

4.1.1. Offering similar services

4.1.2. Offer similar service area coverage

4.1.3. Offer better messenger rates

4.2. Loss of couriers

4.2.1. Competitors offer better pay/compensation

4.3. Loss of existing customers

4.3.1. Due to repeated shipping errors

4.4. Loss of service to rural areas/islands

4.4.1. Service to the islands is costly

4.4.2. Lacking the quantity of customer orders to this area, hard to retain drivers