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1. critical elements

1.1. stretches

1.1.1. not very important for young children

2. sidearm

2.1. frisbee

2.1.1. anyone can throw a frisbee

3. overhand

3.1. dodgeball

3.1.1. that over hand throw is easy. basic steps for a child, take tremendous muscle coordination.

4. underhand

4.1. baseball

4.1.1. like overhand, underhand is one of the first ways your child will try to throw, and is alot harder than appears for child.

5. biomechanics

5.1. watching how to throw

5.2. muscles activation involved in throwing is quite a marvel. throwing is fundamental to a multitude of sports but also, activities for children.

6. Is throwing a ball so easy a child can do it? Yes, but like anything you strive to be good at takes practice and reps.