Projections and Views

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Projections and Views by Mind Map: Projections and Views

1. Orthographic projection

1.1. visualization of an object from different sides (views: top, front, side)

1.2. It is shaped on paper and helps its construction and carries notes and dimensions.

1.3. actually 6 views: front, top, right, left, back and bottom, the main ones are: top, front and right side.

2. Multivist Drawings

2.1. One View Drawing:

2.1.1. for simple parts (one cylinder)

2.2. Two View Drawings:

2.2.1. for pieces of rectangular or square shape without irregular surfaces.

2.3. Three View Drawings:

2.3.1. used in orthographic projection.

3. Arrangement of views

3.1. The first to project is the front view, followed by the top view above, finally the right side

3.2. height, width and depth of the object.

4. See location

4.1. The views are separated to place dimensions and notes between them.

5. Glass box

5.1. Each side is a representation of the six main planes

5.2. only three views are projected for clarity

5.3. "viewing plane" or the "projection plane"

6. Description of the form

6.1. 3 dimensions (3D) which includes: height, width and length.