12th Grade Political Science

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12th Grade Political Science by Mind Map: 12th Grade Political Science

1. Fundamentals of American Democracy

1.1. 12.2.4 Why do we need government?

1.1.1. The teacher will show this video to the class prior to the lesson to demonstrate why knowledge of the government is important. Jay Leno Stumps New Yorkers, Celebrities vs Politics ‘Jaywalking’

1.2. 12.2.3 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

1.3. 12.1.1 Influenced by philosophers such Locke, Montesquieu

1.4. 12.1.5 Federalist Papers

2. Three Branches of Government

2.1. 12.4.4 Executive

2.2. 12.4.5 Judicial

2.2.1. Students will fill out this graphic organizer after reading about the different branches of government in their book. This activity is to be completed as students are doing the assigned reading.

2.3. 12.4.3 Legislative

3. The Constitution

3.1. 12.5.1 How it is interpreted?

3.2. 12.1.6 Bill of Rights

3.3. 12.4.1,4,5 Articles of the Constitution

3.4. 12.5.3,4 What key court cases have revolved around interpreting the Constitution and its amendments?

3.4.1. Marbury v. Madison In this activity, students can view the issue and decision made in Marbury v. Madison in this pdf. https://www.icivics.org/viewpdf.html?path=/sites/default/files/uploads/Marbury.pdf

3.4.2. Plessy v. Ferguson

3.4.3. Brown v. Board of Education

3.4.4. Mapp v. Ohio Students can watch and learn about this landmark Supreme Court case and see the real life "Mapp" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksCKYQOPThQ&feature=youtu.be

3.4.5. Miranda v. Arizona

4. The Electoral Process

4.1. 12.2.4 How is someone elected?

4.2. 12.4.1, 12.6.2 Who gets elected?

5. Federalism

5.1. 12.7.1Federal Government

5.2. 12.6.5, 12.7.3 State Government

6. Media and Government

6.1. 12.8.1 What impact does the press have on the government? On elections?

6.2. Students will read about media bias and how political stories are presented in the news. Students will then complete the worksheets after as they determine how news media affects the publi and their opinion on various political topics. https://www.icivics.org/viewpdf.html?path=/sites/default/files/Bias_2.pdf

7. Political Systems Around the World

7.1. 12.9.1 Structures of different governments: feudalism, monarchies, communism, fascism, and democracy

7.2. 12.9.6 19th and 20th centuries' Mexican, South American and Central American revolutions