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Bacula Configs by Mind Map: Bacula Configs

1. bacula-sd.conf

1.1. Messages

1.1.1. director

1.1.2. Name

1.2. Storage

1.2.1. Name

1.2.2. WorkingDirectory

1.2.3. Pid Directory

1.2.4. Optional Heartbeat Interval (disabled) Client Connect Wait (30 minutes) Maximum Concurrent Jobs (10) SDPort (9103) SDAddress (any available) SDAddresses

1.3. Director

1.3.1. Name

1.3.2. Password

1.3.3. Monitor (allow control)

1.4. Device

1.4.1. Name

1.4.2. Media Type

1.4.3. Archive Device

1.4.4. LabelMedia

1.4.5. Random Access

1.4.6. AutomaticMount

1.4.7. RemoveableMedia

1.4.8. Optional Device Type (tries to guess) Autochanger (no) Changer Device Changer Command Alert Command Drive Index (0) Autoselect (yes) Maximum Changer Wait (5 minutes) Maximum Rewind Wait Maximum Open Wait (5 minutes) AlwaysOpen (yes, ingored for Fille storage) Volume Poll Interval (no polling) Close on Poll Requires Mount Mount Point Mount Comand Unmount Command Minimum block size (no limit) Maximum block size (no limit) Hardware End of Medium (yes) Fast Forward Space File (yes) Use MTIOCGET (yes) BSF at EOM (no) TWO EOF (no) Backward Space Record (yes) Backward Space File (yes for non random-access) Forward Space Record (yes) Forward Space File (yes) Offline On Unmount (no) Maximum Concurrent Jobs Maximim File Size (1GB) Block Positioning (yes) Maximum Network Buffer Size (32768 bytes) Maximum Spool Size (no limit) Maximum Job Spool Size (no limit) Spool Directory (use the working directory) Maximum Part Size (no limit)

2. bacula-fd.conf

2.1. Director

2.1.1. Name

2.1.2. Password

2.1.3. Monitor (allow control)

2.2. FileDaemon

2.2.1. Name

2.2.2. WorkingDirectory

2.2.3. Pid Directory

2.2.4. Optional Heartbeat Interval (disabled) Maximum Concurrent Jobs (2) FDAddress (any available) FDport (9102) FD Addresses FDSourceAddress (use system routing) SDConnectTimeout (30 minutes) Maximum Network Buffer Size (65536 bytes) PKI Encryption PKI Signatures PKI Keypair PKI Master Key

2.3. Messages

2.3.1. director

2.3.2. Name

3. bconsole.conf

3.1. Director

3.1.1. Name

3.1.2. address

3.1.3. DIRport

3.1.4. Password

4. bacula-dir.conf

4.1. Client

4.1.1. Name

4.1.2. Address

4.1.3. Catalog

4.1.4. Password

4.1.5. Optional FDPort File Retention Job Retention AutoPrune Maximum Concurrent Jobs

4.2. Director

4.2.1. Name

4.2.2. Password

4.2.3. WorkingDirectory

4.2.4. PidDirectory

4.2.5. QueryFile

4.2.6. Messages

4.2.7. Optional Description Scripts Directory Heartbeat Interval (0) Maximum Concurrent Jobs (1) FD Connect Timeout (30 minutes) DirAddresses DIRport (9101) DirAddress DirSourceAddress Statistics Retention (5 years) VerId MaxConsoleConnections (20)

4.3. Counter

4.3.1. Name

4.3.2. Optional Minimum Maximum Catalog

4.4. Catalog

4.4.1. Name

4.4.2. dbname

4.4.3. dbuser

4.4.4. dbpassword

4.4.5. Optional DB Socket DB Address DB Port

4.5. Messages

4.5.1. Name

4.5.2. mailcommand

4.5.3. operatorcommand

4.5.4. <destination> = <message-type1>, <message-type2>, ... stdout stderr console

4.5.5. <destination> = <address> = <message-type1>, <message-type2>, ... director file syslog mail mail on error mail on success operator console catalog

4.5.6. <message-type> info warning error

4.6. Schedule

4.6.1. Name

4.6.2. Run

4.6.3. Run

4.7. Job

4.7.1. Messages

4.7.2. Name

4.7.3. Type

4.7.4. Write Bootstrap

4.7.5. Client

4.7.6. Pool

4.7.7. Storage

4.7.8. FileSet

4.7.9. Level

4.7.10. Optional Schedule Enabled = Yes Accurate Verify Job Bootstrap Base Full Backup Pool Differential Backup Pool Incremental Backup Pool JobDefs Maximum Bandwidth Max Full Interval Job time control directives Max Start Delay (no limit) Max Run Time Incremental Max Run Time Differential Max Run Time Max Run Sched Time Max Wait Time Max Full Age Prefer Mounted Volumes (yes) Prune Jobs (no) Prune Files (no) Prune Volumes (no) RunScript Run After Job Run After Failed Job Client Run Before Job Client Run After Job Rerun Failed Levels (no) Spool Data (no) Spool Attributes (no) Where Add Prefix Add Suffix Strip Prefix RegexWhere Replace (always) Prefix Links (no) Duplicate jobs control directives Allow Duplicate Jobs Allow Higher Duplicates Cancel Lower Level Duplicates Cancel Queued Duplicates Cancel Running Duplicates Run Priority (10) Allow Mixed Priority (no) Write Part After Job (no) Maximum Concurrent Jobs (1) Reschedule On Error (no) Reschedule Interval (do not reschedule on error) Reschedule Times (infinite)

4.8. JobDefs

4.8.1. Name

4.8.2. ...

4.9. FileSet

4.9.1. Name

4.9.2. Include Options signature File File

4.9.3. Options

4.9.4. Exclude File File

4.9.5. Optional Ignore FileSet Changes Enable VSS

4.10. Storage

4.10.1. Optional SDPort Autochanger Maximum Concurrent Jobs Heartbeat Interval

4.10.2. Name

4.10.3. Address

4.10.4. Password

4.10.5. Device

4.10.6. Media Type

4.11. Console

4.11.1. Name

4.11.2. Password

4.11.3. ACLs JobACL CommandACL ClientACL StorageACL ScheduleACL PoolACL FileSetACL CatalogACL WhereACL

4.12. Pool

4.12.1. Optional Storage Use Volume Once Maximum Volumes Maximum Volume Jobs Maximum Volume Files Maximum Volume Bytes Volume Use Duration Catalog Files AutoPrune Volume Retention ScratchPool RecyclePool Recycle Recycle Oldest Volume Recycle Current Volume Purge Oldest Volume Cleaning Prefix Label Format

4.12.2. Name

4.12.3. Pool Type