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SEED by Mind Map: SEED

1. Module 2

1.1. Before 4th Sem

1.1.1. Java Programming Java Environment Setup Datatypes, Loops, Control Statements RegEx, Data Structures & Exceptions Threads & Generics File I/O Programming File Formats JSON CSV Text Arrays, Multi-Dimensional Arrays OOPS Class and Object Polymorphism Inheritance and Multiple Inheritance Collections Framework List, Set Map

1.1.2. Database Skills Data Evolution ACID vs BASE vs CAP Design goals RDBMS Normalization techniques SQL Basics Tables and Views NoSQL ETL Basics

1.1.3. Linux Shell Scripting Shell Variables Trouble Shooting Shell Script Parameters Arithmetic, Relational and Boolean Operators String Operators Control Structures getopts Shell Substitution

1.1.4. Web Dev HTML, CSS and JS PHP Programming Build a PHP Web App with MySQL as the backend

1.1.5. Aptitude Logical Reasoning Problem Solving Quantitative Aptitude

2. Module 1

2.1. Before 2nd Sem

2.1.1. Master O/S Skills Windows O/S NTFS File System Customize to suit your taste Network and Internet Security 21 Hidden Secrets Windows Services Windows Registry Administrator mode Linux O/S Architecture Absolute vs Relative Path Aliases Directory Commands Vi Editor Linux File System umask stdin, stdout, stderr ENV Variables and PATH sed, awk,grep and find Process Management Commands ssh and scp cron jobs

2.1.2. C- Programming Mastery i/o operations Branching and Looping Arrays Implement Search and Sort using Algo Structures and Pointers

2.1.3. Data Structures and Algorithms Arrays Stack, Queue, Tree, Linked List Sorting and Searching Hashing Recursion

2.1.4. git and github Git Basics Git Branching Github Git Internals

2.1.5. Productivity Tools and Tips Evernotes Snipping tool notepad++ Visual Studio Code Everything - Search Tool sublime text cygwin

2.1.6. Art of Documentation and Presentation

2.1.7. Build Confidence with Public Speaking

3. Module 3

3.1. Before 6th Sem

3.1.1. Advanced Java DB Connectivity ORM Concepts JPA Standards Hibernate - JPA Provider and ORM Tool Spring Framework Java Annotations MVC Architeture IOC and Dependency Injection Spring Boot 2.0 REST API CRUD Security Build End-to-End Spring Boot Application

3.1.2. Python basics Learn to use Jupyter Notebook Variable, Expression and Statements Conditionals and recursion Functions Modules Anakonda Fruitful Functions Iteration Strings Lists Tuples Files and Exceptions

3.1.3. Serverless Computing

3.1.4. Microservices

3.1.5. Big Data and Analytics Hadoop 4 Vs HDFS Commands NN High Availability HDFS and YARN Architecture MapReduce 2.0 Hive What Hive is and What Hive is not Beeline Managed and External Table Partitioning Bucketing Spark Programming using Java RDD DataFrames Datasets SparkSQL Streaming ML Algo for Big Data Analytics

3.1.6. Corporate Interview Skills