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Tiny Man by Mind Map: Tiny Man

1. Sam woke up in the morning

2. he feel he is shrinking

3. Then the next day

4. He found himself 10 cm small

5. He was soooo worry about what will his parents reacted and how can he get back to his normal size!!!!

6. his parent is finding him the whole s time. They are very worry about him so they can't sleep eat...

7. He got a 10cm adventure's.

8. (example) he saw a catapilar he thought it was a giant snakes....

9. he try to find out ways to get back to his normal size.....

10. But 0 of 100 ideas worked. when he got to idea 99 he sit next to a mansion oh I mean a box he drank a magic potion that makes people bigger. it worked.

11. when he got to his original size he ran back home as fast as he can to be with his parents. his parents was so so so so so so so happy to see him. they keep asking question about how where when what why is he gone. He answered it all.