Quality Process Timeline

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Quality Process Timeline by Mind Map: Quality Process Timeline

1. Week 1 - Define Standards:

1.1. Training of Senior Specialists/QA Reviewers

1.2. Specialist Summit/discussion of suggested standards

1.3. Support Representative Focus Group

1.4. Meet with stakeholders/BPO leadership to discuss suggested standards

1.5. Finalize expectations, leave open 48 hour period for suggested changes

2. Week 2 - How we'll Measure:

2.1. Create and distribute Scorecard

2.2. QA Reviewers take contacts with agreed upon expectations in mind

2.3. Host three Calibrations Sessions with both Senior Specialists & Stakeholders

2.4. Create a Support facing FAQ that will address what expectations are and where deductions may be occur

2.5. Train Quality Reviewers on how to use Scorecard

2.6. Begin using Scorecard in a live test environment with Support contacts

2.7. Shares results with Stakeholders

2.8. Ensure all parties are ready to go live

3. Week 3 - Process Implementation :

3.1. Announce that Reviews are live

3.2. Ensure that Senior Specialists are available to support Reviewers

3.3. Continue Calibrations

3.4. Meet with Stakeholders to discuss dispute process

3.5. End of week Service Quality trends meeting

4. Week 4 - Provide Update:

4.1. Provide Review Scores to direct report leadership to distribute

4.2. Update Stakeholders on past week's performance

4.3. Provide assessment on any course corrective adjustments or impactful trends to address pain points