Azure DevOps & CE

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Azure DevOps & CE by Mind Map: Azure DevOps & CE

1. 'Typical' CRM project

1.1. Current Issues

1.1.1. Dude? Who changed my form?!

1.1.2. It was working fine yesterday

1.1.3. Which version is deployed!?

1.1.4. Unknowingly deployed a WIP

1.2. Workarounds

1.2.1. Solution per sprint?

1.2.2. Solution per developer?

1.2.3. Store the solutions

1.2.4. Extensive change log? Project to manage the project?!

1.3. Killing strikes

1.3.1. Original developer leaves the project!


2.1. Intro

2.1.1. Textbook definition

2.1.2. Buzzwords Beyond the definition CI/CD

2.2. Azure DevOps

2.2.1. History MS and naming! TFS, VSO, VSTS, what!?

2.2.2. DEMO: Brief capabilities Repo and Pipelines

2.2.3. Extensions D365 Build Tools

3. Baby Steps

3.1. SCM for customizations

3.1.1. Solution Packager

3.1.2. Issues Resolved Accountability for changes done Reliability - See sprint deliverables

4. AzDo Pipelines

4.1. Terminology

4.1.1. Build Pipeline

4.1.2. Release Pipeline

4.2. DEMO: Setting up a Build Pipeline

4.3. DEMO: Setting up a Release Pipeline

5. DEVOPS and CE

5.1. DEMO: Sample solution upgrade from 1.x to 2.x

5.1.1. Make a change in Dev. Checkin changes. Trigger build pipeline Trigger release pipeline See changes in UAT

5.2. Advanced

5.2.1. Patch solutions

5.2.2. Automated Tests