Mapping the Mind

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Mapping the Mind by Mind Map: Mapping the Mind

1. Brain Scans/Imaging Techniques

1.1. CT Scan

1.1.1. PET Scan fMRI TMS

2. Brain-Mapping Methods

2.1. Phrenology

2.1.1. Lesions Electroencephalograph (EEG)

3. How much of our brain do we use?

3.1. 10% Theory is incorrect

3.1.1. Our brain is constantly using neurons all over our brain. There is not 90% of our brain that is empty space.

4. What parts of our brain do we use for what?

4.1. Localization of Function

4.1.1. Lateralization Split- Brain Surgery Corpus Callosum

5. Nature and Nurture

5.1. Did your genes or parents make you do it?

5.1.1. Heredity- Chromosomes and Genes Genotype vs Phenotype Dominant or Recessive

5.1.2. Behavioral Genetics Heritability Family Study