The parts of a camera and there uses

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The parts of a camera and there uses by Mind Map: The parts of a camera and there uses

1. Body

1.1. Provides protection for the delicate parts of the camera

2. Lens

2.1. Focusses images unto the image sensor

3. Shutter Release Button

3.1. This is the trigger of the camera

4. Mode dial

4.1. This allows selection of the shooting mode

5. View finder

5.1. Shows the image the camera's image sensor sees

6. Aperture Ring

6.1. Selects an aperture opening

7. Focussing Ring

7.1. turn to manually focus the lens

8. Flash

8.1. Illuminates a poor lit scene

9. Control button

9.1. Allows interraction with the camera's computer parts

10. Power switch

10.1. turns the camera off and on

11. Zoom control

11.1. controls the camera lenses to zoom in or out

12. Diopter

12.1. Varies the focal length of the lens in the view finder

13. Memory card slot

13.1. This is where memory cards are inserted

14. Tripod mount

14.1. This is where the standard tripod or monopod is attached for added stability

15. Battery compartment

15.1. Holds the batteries