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Sustainable mobility by Mind Map: Sustainable mobility

1. Mobility marketplace

2. Problems

2.1. Traffic Movement and Congestion

2.2. Public Transport Crowding

2.3. Off-Peak Inadequacy of Public Transport

2.4. Difficulties for Pedestrians

2.5. Parking Difficulties

2.6. Environmental Impact

2.7. Traffic Noise

2.8. Atmospheric Pollution

2.8.1. The fumes, which are emitted, contain four main types of pollutant Carbon monoxide Unburnt hydrocarbons Other gases and deposits

3. Public Transport

3.1. Disadvantages

3.1.1. Waste of time

3.1.2. Lack of comfort

3.1.3. Log waiting times

3.1.4. Long walking time

3.1.5. Need of transfers

3.2. Advantages

3.2.1. Cost

3.2.2. Less stress

3.2.3. Be able to rest or read

3.2.4. No need to dive

3.2.5. Be able to relax

3.2.6. Less pollution

3.2.7. Talk to other person on the vehicle

4. Solutions

4.1. Smart traffic management

4.2. Alternative fuel driven vehicles

4.3. Smart mobility solutions

4.4. A route information system and electronic timetable

4.4.1. that can help prevent accidents by alerting and assisting with dangerous road conditions

4.4.2. that informs consumers of the conditions on their route, and which public transport options are available

4.5. A safety and vehicle control system

5. Why Should Your City Implement Smart City Transport?

5.1. Quality of life

5.2. Reduced pollution

5.3. Public transport safety and security

5.4. Smart parking solutions

6. Smart City Transport

6.1. Information Management And Optimization

6.1.1. Lightweight Public Transportation Management System

6.1.2. Electronic Public Transport Timetable

6.1.3. Electric/digital payment system and single fare card

6.2. Light Infrastructure

6.2.1. Route Information Management

6.2.2. Route Information Managemen

6.2.3. Smart Traffic Light System

6.3. Heavy Infrastructure

6.3.1. Safety and Vehicle Control System

6.3.2. Advanced Vehicle Tracking Systems

6.3.3. Advanced Automotive Sensors

6.3.4. Advanced Video Vehicle Detection