You and Your College Experience

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You and Your College Experience by Mind Map: You and Your College Experience

1. Who Are You, Really?

1.1. Consider why your at college. What matters to you?

1.2. Students who have a clear plan are more prepared

1.3. Personal values+motivation=success

1.4. You can go to college not to prepare for an for a specific career, but to become a well educated person who is then in a better position to work any number of careers

1.4.1. Liberal Arts Education

2. Different Worlds of Different Students

2.1. Traditional students face transitioning from high school to college

2.2. Returning students may have work and families

2.3. College students vary in age, background, work experience, family, etc.

2.4. First generation, commuters, immigrant, international, and students with disabilities face different issues with being successful

3. How You Learn

3.1. Four steps to learning: preparing, absorbing, capturing, and reviewing

3.2. Learning styles: verbal , logical, visual, kinesthetic, rhythmic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalists

3.3. Natural learning preferences: reading, listening, seeing, doing, and feeling

4. What is College, Really?

4.1. Many college classes are large, so attendance is important

4.2. See your advisor to understand role of core classes, electives, and major courses in your program/major

4.3. Online courses take extra preparedness and responsibility

5. Let's Talk About Success

5.1. Success in college not only include good grades, but also your long range goals

5.2. The first year of college is very important

5.2.1. Get started on the right foot

5.3. Make an appointment with your academic advisor, tutoring assistance, like yourself, pay attention to your learning style, plan ahead, and form study groups

5.3.1. Getting started on the right foot