Present Perfect vs Past Simple

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Present Perfect vs Past Simple by Mind Map: Present Perfect vs Past Simple

1. Present Perfect Forms

1.1. Affirmative:Subject+have/has+past participle.

1.2. Negative:Subject+have/has+not+pas participle.

1.3. Questions:Have/has+subject+past participle....?

2. Past Simple Forms

2.1. Affirmative:Subject+past forms

2.2. Negative:Subject+did+not+infinitive(without to)

2.3. Questions:Did+subject+infinitive(without to)

3. Usage

3.1. Not finished:I have played tennis for te years.

3.2. Experience in general:I have been to Paris.

3.3. Explanatiom why something is now Peter is happy.He has passeshis driving test.

4. Usage

4.1. Finished:I played tennis for ten years.

4.2. One specific even.I bought this bag in Paris.It's very cheap there.

4.3. Time is given.She came home at six o' clock