Ross and Mirowsky 2010

mind map assignment 1

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Ross and Mirowsky 2010 by Mind Map: Ross and Mirowsky 2010

1. problem

1.1. private medical insurance and public medical insurance does not improve health

1.2. low education resulting in more chronic illness, lower SES, stress and negative health outcomes

2. Hypothesis

2.1. does knowledge on health education increase with age

2.2. if access to medical care improves health outcomes

3. methods

3.1. studying social differences in association to health

4. findings

4.1. no difference in health outcomes of those with no insurance and private insurance

4.2. education results in better health, better income, less stress

5. conclusions

5.1. higher education results in better health outcomes

5.2. those with better education often have an advantage when it comes to paying bills and buying groceries

6. future research

6.1. outcomes of health in regards to genetics