Main Causes of Section Tensions to 1849

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Main Causes of Section Tensions to 1849 by Mind Map: Main Causes of Section Tensions to 1849

1. Economics

1.1. North

2. Slavery

2.1. Divided between South (slave states) and North (free states)

2.1.1. Trying to keep balance between the amount of slave states and free states

2.1.2. North banned all slavery by the 1820s

3. Missouri Compromise

3.1. 36º 30' line established

4. Culture

4.1. Importance of honor in North vs. South

4.1.1. North suppressed dueling and replaced informal social code with formal legal code.

5. Mexican-American War

5.1. Treaty of Gudalupe-Hildago

5.1.1. Mexican Cession: US gained several new pieces of territories such as California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

5.2. Wilmot Proviso

6. Political

6.1. 3/5th's compromise

6.2. Redistribution of seats in House of Representatives

6.3. Fugitive Slave Act

6.4. State vs. Federal Representation

6.4.1. South favored state representation and North favored stronger federal representation