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Vaccines by Mind Map: Vaccines

1. Vaccines keep us safe from diseases.

1.1. From 2010 to 2011, over 10 million deaths worldwide were prevented because of Vaccines

1.2. Measles outbreaks have started from unvaccinated kids.

1.3. Diseases thought to be extinct have came back shortly after the Anti-Vax Movement

2. Vaccines do NOT cause autism or other mental disorders.

2.1. The Autism Speaks page concludes that Vaccines do not cuase autism.

2.2. The study that claimed that vaccines caused Autism was later retracted.

2.3. Three large studies provided assurance that vaccines didn’t cause attention deficit disorders

3. Vaccines have side effects.

3.1. Kids can also get a fever and drowsiness

3.2. The CDC states kids can get rashes, swelling, and redness at the injection site.

3.3. The Rotavirus Vaccine caused Bowel problems and the FDA didn't recommend it in 1998

4. Celebrities and doctors disapprove of Vaccines

4.1. Jenny Mccarthy disapproves of Vaccines because she claims that it gave her child autism.

4.2. More younger doctors disapprove of Vaccines.

4.3. President Donald Trump believes that Vaccines change people, as said in 2012.