Instrutional Design

Building a basement wall

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Instrutional Design by Mind Map: Instrutional Design

1. The Addie Model

1.1. Analyze

1.1.1. Collecting Data From the audience about wall building Determine the capabilities of intended learners and develop an assessment on the achievable goal

1.2. Design

1.2.1. Create documents based on the analyzed data in the form of a Standard Operating Procedure Create tests to validate the learned material

1.3. Developement

1.3.1. Muster materials together for a small scale model Create a visual learning aid to instruct audience of safety and tool use

1.4. Implement

1.4.1. Audits the test material Follow through on the SOP

1.5. Evaluate

1.5.1. Conduct a review of the process between each steps and generate a improves and sustains manifest that reflect on the goal Evaluate if the intended goal was reached

2. Building A Basement Wall

2.1. Analyze: Poll Class on experience with construction

2.1.1. Determine feasibility Ask: When would the person use the instructions? Where is a good location to Build the wall? Who has the ability to build the wall? Which skills are related to building a wall? How can the person be prepared for undertaking the project? What does the person Know about building materials?

2.2. Design: Create a SOP based on experience

2.2.1. Visual pictures and descriptions for all materials needed

2.2.2. Step by step guide using PowerPoint

2.3. Development: "The plan"

2.3.1. Steps of SOP One: deciding if necessary; Two: knowledge on matter; Three: materials needed; four: construction

2.4. Implementation: going through the ways and means

2.4.1. Walk person through the steps of the SOP with hands on activity using SOP

2.5. Evaluation: build the wall

2.5.1. Use construction to test knowledge and competency on the tasked goal

3. Summary

3.1. Analyze: The actions for this part ask questions to determine going forward with the goal at all

3.2. Design: SOP is something I know that works from experience it gives the user a reference to follow

3.3. Development: lays out the key components to the design and is sections to the SOP

3.4. Implement: This part is where I think hands on allows the user to take control of achieving the goal by experiencing it

3.5. Evaluate: This part allows me to see whether I could instruct properly and then implement changes as needed