Parts of debate

Parts of debate from George

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Parts of debate by Mind Map: Parts of debate

1. Research

1.1. Find out some source of evidence and example online or in the books

1.2. look for information about your topic

1.3. credible and reliable sources

1.4. investigate

2. Topic

2.1. Theme

2.2. The main point of the whole debate

2.3. idea

2.4. be arguable

2.5. subject

2.6. can be anything

3. Argument

3.1. More than two people debate and discuss about one topic with different opinion.

3.2. claim

3.2.1. opinion with evidence

3.3. perspective

3.4. agree and disagree

4. Collaboration

4.1. More than two people work together, discuss and get more information from each other.

4.2. team work

4.3. share ideas

4.4. support help each other

4.5. be patient and understand

4.6. explain

4.7. communicate honestly and respectfully

5. Public speaking

5.1. One person stand in front of many audience and speak out ideas

5.2. eye contact

5.3. stand up straight

5.4. body language

5.5. lound and clear voice

5.6. articulate

5.7. be confident

5.8. practice

5.9. listen to other