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ADDIE Model by Mind Map: ADDIE Model

1. Analysis

1.1. Description: Determining the goals and objectives.

2. Design

2.1. Description: Figuring out the strategies to use to effectively teach your audience

3. Development

3.1. Description: Creating the content for the training

4. Implementation

4.1. Description: Putting the training to use and have the audience learn

5. Evaluate

5.1. Description: Find out if the training worked and acquiring feedback

6. Being a Foods supervisor at Hersheypark

6.1. Analysis: Ask if they know any information about being a supervisor

6.2. Design: Find out what stand they need to be at so they can fill out the proper papers

6.3. Development: Showing them examples of already filled out paper work and explaining what each section means. Answering questions along the way and making sure they understand the material

6.4. Implementation: Showing them where to go to fill out each set of paperwork. Helping them fill out each of the papers and instructing them along the way.

6.5. Evaluate: Have the supervisor fill the paperwork out by themselves. Then let them know how they did and where they can improve on.

7. Determining the steps

7.1. Analysis: I need to know if they have any prior knowledge of what type of tasks Foods supervisors do. Since they are always through promotions some newly promoted supervisors already know some of the work that goes into being a supervisor. I can use the information they already know to help with the next steps.

7.2. Design: Most of the days we all work at the same stand, but sometimes it changes. I would need to know where they are working on the day I would train them so they can properly fill out their paperwork and then in turn they will get the right stuff for their stand.

7.3. Development: Showing how the paperwork should be filled out, but with fake information will give them a sense of how it should look and what information they need. They can easily study it and ask questions about it as well.

7.4. Implementation: I will need to show them where to go for some paperwork, since some paperwork isn't done at the stand. I will have to walk them around and show where and how they will be filling out some paperwork.

7.5. Evaluate: I can determine how well they do with filling out the paperwork if they do it by themselves. If they make mistakes I can show them how to fix it and show them where they went right as well. I will also answer any questions they might have after they fill it out.