Estanley Angeles

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Estanley Angeles by Mind Map: Estanley Angeles

1. past

1.1. winning second team all-star in a basketball tournament

1.1.1. I play basketball all a lot which could lead to a scholarship if I put the work in and train team effort happy

1.2. achieving good grades in elementary school

1.2.1. acheiving good grades in highschool will determine my future and what I willl do hard working future

1.3. traveled to the Philippines and also a lot of the parts in California

1.3.1. knowing all these places will help me remember all the good memories and I will know how to transport and look where the good places are to go looking at different cultures meeting new people

1.4. becoming player of the game in a provincial basketball tournament

1.4.1. this could lead to getting more playing time on the basketball team helping my teammates fun

2. present

2.1. learning how to time mange with school and sports

2.1.1. it can help me by getting more things done in a day time effort

2.2. spending more time with family

2.2.1. spending more time with family is important to gain a stronger bond with them and will be close with each other forever caring loving

2.3. I applied for a job and got a part time job

2.3.1. a job is good because I can learn how to manage money and will also have some income income spending

2.4. having my learners license

2.4.1. being able to drive is good and I'm looking forward to getting my new drivers license so I can drive alone having your own car exciting

3. future

3.1. to finish school with a diploma and to become some type of law enforcer

3.1.1. when I become a police officer I can make sure my community is safe and all so keep the innocent people safe safe kind/caring

3.2. have 2 kids and marry a beautiful wife

3.2.1. I can be teaching my kids some lessons in life and mentor them into what they want to be life future for my kids

3.3. having a good amount of income to support my future kids and wife and also the people around me that I care about

3.3.1. I can support my kids with there education fees and more for accessories for them money wealth

3.4. having my own house

3.4.1. for the near future I would be having a roof over my head and for other people as well comfort safety