Chapter #2 Company Mission

Mind Map of Chapter

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Chapter #2 Company Mission by Mind Map: Chapter #2 Company Mission

1. A broadly framed but enduring statement o a firm's intent

2. It is the unique purpose that sets a company apart from others of its type

3. Formulating a Mission Begins with the

3.1. Beliefs

3.2. Desires

3.3. Aspirations

4. These beliefs are usually the basis for the company mission

5. Mission Statement Components

5.1. Customer Market

5.2. Product Service

5.3. Geographic Domain

5.4. Technology

5.5. Survival

5.6. Philosophy

5.7. Self-Concept

5.8. Public Image

6. Newest Trends in Mission Components

6.1. Sensitive to Customers needs

6.2. The customer is Top Priority

6.3. Importance of Customer Service

6.4. Guaranteed quality

7. Boards Of Directors

7.1. Are a group of Stockholders representatives and strategic managers

7.2. Responsible for overseeing the creation and accomplishment of the company mission