Three Levels Of Government

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Three Levels Of Government by Mind Map: Three Levels Of Government

1. land use

1.1. The municipal government is in charge of land use. the Municipal government makes sure there there's places were people can live and do more. but the municipal government knows not to make to many buildings for the animals. then the animals wouldn't know were to live.

2. Parks

3. Federal Government

4. Banking

4.1. The Federal government makes sure the bank is safe. The Federal government doesn't want any money stolen from other people. That's why the Federal Government is in charged of the money/bank

5. Provincial Government

6. road regulations

7. Canada post

8. Municipal government

9. Shared

10. Charities

11. Libraries

12. Roads

13. media

14. tourism

15. Snow remover

16. Property taxes

17. Water

18. Education

18.1. The provincial government is in charge of the education. The provincial government makes sure kids are smart so they can get a good job when they are older.

19. Health Care

19.1. The principal government is in charge of health care. The provincial government makes sure everyone is healthy.

20. Security

20.1. The Federal Government is in charge of the security. Security makes sure everyone is safe. They protect us, so nothing is stolen or wrong.

21. Licences

22. Natural resources

23. School

24. Postal service

25. Money

26. Laws

26.1. All of the governments make laws to protect other people. they makes sure everyone is safe and not hurt.

27. safety

28. Police

28.1. All of the governments are in charged of the police. they make sure the police is doing there job by protecting other people.

29. water system

30. Waste management

30.1. The Municipal Government is in charged of the garbage. The Municipal government makes sure the garbage is in the trash and not out in the open. Garbage is bad for the animals so people have to stop littering.

31. shipping

32. Railways