Three Levels Of Government

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Three Levels Of Government by Mind Map: Three Levels Of Government

1. Federal Government

1.1. National Security

1.2. Citizenship

1.3. Money/Banking

1.3.1. The Federal Goverment is in charge of making sure that the money is safe and secure so he if anythings happens he would be in charge.

1.4. Postal Service

1.5. Taxes

1.6. Telephones

1.6.1. The Federal government is in charge of the telephones so if your telephone stops working it would be his fault because that is one of his jobs.

2. Provincial Government

2.1. Education

2.1.1. The Provincial Goverment is in charge of our school so for our P.A days and our weeks off for holidays are from our Provincial Goverment. So if teachers go on strike then it would be from the Provincial Goverment.

2.2. Health Care

2.3. Road

2.4. Natural Resources

2.5. Licence

2.5.1. the Provincial Goverment is in charge of giving licence to people who take the test. Or if someone is driving on the road with out a licence he would be in charge of what would happen to that pearson.

3. MunIcipal Government

3.1. Parks

3.2. Parking

3.3. Garbage

3.3.1. The Municipal Government takes care of all of our garbage that we through out so if there is garbage everywhere then we shouldn't blame anyone but the Municipal Goverment.

3.4. Libraries

3.5. Local Police

3.6. Fire Protection

3.6.1. The Municipal government is in charge of our fire protection so if there is a fire then he would be in charge of directing the firefighters. If there is a new place being built he would be in charge of the fire walls.

4. Shared

4.1. Public Safety

4.2. Media

4.3. Health

4.3.1. Our health is controlled by the Federal Goverment , Provincial Goverment, and the Municipal Goverment. So if we don't get the right health care then we should blame it on all the levels of Goverment.

4.4. Taxes

4.5. Transportation

4.5.1. Our ways to get around are maybe subway, bus, train. All of those are controlled by all three levels of government. If they don't on one day that would be the because all three Governments decided to do it.

4.6. Infrastructure