Plant Genetics Interactive Module

This is a preliminary map of the content I would like to cover and resources I would like to share in my interactive module on plant genetics.

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Plant Genetics Interactive Module by Mind Map: Plant Genetics Interactive Module

1. Review of Basic Principles of Genetics

1.1. A Helpful Video to Brush Up On the Basics: An Introduction To Plant Breeding

1.2. Here are a few articles if you would like to review DNA replication and mitosis/meiosis (Click the little gray arrow to the right to go to the site!)

2. CRISPR Technology

2.1. CRISPR stands for clustered regularly interspaced palindromic repeats. In simpler terms, this is a string of base pairs that repeats the same pattern. It also refers to technology that enables scientists to edit base pair sequences in order to change an organism's genome.

2.2. What Is CRISPR?

3. Application to Agriculture

3.1. Technology like CRISPR has the potential to allow us to even further modify genomes of agricultural crops like corn and soybeans. This could mean increased yield, which means more food to feed the growing populaion!


4. Controversial Issues: What's Your Opinion?

4.1. While many people are excited for the future of GMOs and CRISPR technology in ag, many others are concerned about its impacts on biodiversity and the environment. Here's a page that goes a little more in-depth and provides some great infograpics: Genetically Modified Food (GMO) - Pros and Cons