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Cross strand projects by Mind Map: Cross strand projects
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Cross strand projects


Family History (e.g. Henry VIII)


Battle of the Bands

Lesson ideas: Album cover examples: Voting:

Olympic Challenge

Leson ideas: Olympic Challenge - The Hammer:

Poetry anthology

Lesson ideas:

School marketing project

Lesson ideas:

Christmas calendars

Lesson ideas:

Young Apprenctice Magazine

Lesson ideas - Year 8:

Games Consoles

Lesson ideas: Lesson ideas: Games Consoles in ICT: Lesson ideas:

D-Day Landings

Lesson ideas: (note that this is a link to a twitter project; however, I believe that there is scope to include many more strands)


Lesson ideas:


Album / Book Covers

Tweets: @teachesict I started with them recreating simple covers first, then on their own - titles came via the 'Random Article' function on Wiki! Tweets: @teachesict I've used the albums idea for a few years now and it works brilliantly - even using! Also try book-covers!


What if they had web 2.0 then?

Project idea - recreate an event from history but assuming that web 2.0 technology was available.


Fakebook - Greek Gods

Newspaper Clipping Generator


Game play learning rules: Gamification of learning:

Santa is lost

Gamifying Education






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