Innovation Sukina Alfahel

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Innovation Sukina Alfahel by Mind Map: Innovation Sukina Alfahel

1. Creativity

1.1. Insight ideas

1.1.1. Be creative by generating new ideas

1.2. Opportunities

1.2.1. Creat right opportunities to allow my team to be part of innovation process

1.3. Mind mapping

1.3.1. Always write in paper what hit my mind Help to write plans and strategies

2. Strategy

2.1. Transform

2.1.1. Transfer plans to performance

2.2. Managing innovation

2.2.1. Skills here requires a true leader

2.3. Recognition

2.3.1. For the team is important, to engage them more and encourage them

3. Optimization

3.1. Development

3.1.1. Always be updated with new levels

3.2. Explore

3.2.1. Explore new ideas and learn more

3.3. Technology

3.3.1. New products Make life easier

4. Vision

4.1. Organization

4.1.1. Implement the vision and mission

4.2. Target

4.2.1. End of each quarter I should ask myself did I achieve my target?

4.3. Risks

4.3.1. Be brave and take risks