Chapter 3: British North America

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Chapter 3: British North America by Mind Map: Chapter 3:                   British North America

1. Walking Purchase

1.1. Treaty in 1737

1.1.1. Pennsylvanians

1.1.2. Native Americans

1.2. William Penn

2. Dominion of New England

2.1. Rhode Island

2.2. New York

2.2.1. Pequot War started nation wide enslavement of captive Indians of war. Metacom Bacon's Rebellion Connecticut Pope

2.2.2. Enslavement of Indians Race Middle Passage

2.2.3. William Penn was an ambitious man that wanted his own large colony. This colony came to be know as Pennsylvania after the Duke of York and Charles ll granting it to Penn.

2.3. Connecticut

3. Navigation Acts

3.1. British West Indies

3.2. Glorious Revolution

3.2.1. Civil War

3.2.2. Maryland

4. Pope'

4.1. Puebloan religion leader

4.1.1. led various Puebloan groups in rebellion Started one of the greatest act of Indian resistance in North American history.

4.2. 1680

5. Metacom

5.1. Wampanoag leader

5.1.1. Led the uprising beginning in 1675 in New England

5.2. King Philip as the English

5.2.1. became sachem in 1662

6. Bacon's Rebellon

6.1. armed rebellion

6.1.1. Virginia settlers led by Nathaniel Bacon

6.1.2. Against the rule of Governor William Berkeley

7. Yamasee War

7.1. American settlers from the Province of Carolina

7.1.1. most lucrative trading partners

7.2. against numerous Indian tribes